How do I mark something as out of stock?

Marking an item out of stock

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  • Once an order is sent to you, you have the ability to mark individual items out of stock within the order.
  • Find the order you would like to edit and click anywhere within the Order to be taken to the order details page.
  • Click on Out Of Stock and that item will appear as out of stock to the retailer when they view the order.
  • If items are back in stock while the order is still in Pending status, you can go back and mark that item as back in stock by clicking on In Stock.
  • Please note that this action is ONLY marking products out of stock. The order will remain in Pending status until the Accept or Reject button is clicked. 
  • Click here for more information on how to accept an order.
  • Click here for more information on how to reject an order.