How sales reps can manage text message and email notifications

Distributor sales reps can turn on or off text message and email notifications in their settings - as can your customers.

Sales reps can easily manage the way they receive order notifications and daily order reports in their notification settings. Your customers also have notification settings, so if you find an account is unresponsive, encourage them to update their notifications as well.

Turn on/off your own text and email notifications

Manage how your receive order notifications

  • When logged into your account, click Menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Notifications.
  • In your notification settings, navigate to Email or Phone to update notifications for the communication channel you would like to manage.
  • Toggle the button next to Daily Order Reports or Order Notifications to turn notifications on or off. The toggle is grey when notifications are off and green when the notification is turned on. 
  • You can read more about Daily Order Report or Order Notification types below.

Sales Rep Notification Settings

Daily Order Reports

The Daily Order Report notification can only be delivered via email and includes a summary of all the orders you received that day, as well as the status of the order. 

Order Notifications

Order Notifications alert you when one of your customers sends a new order. These notifications include a link where you can view their order and take the appropriate actions. You must have at least Phone or Email turned on. The system will not allow you to turn off all Order Notifications alerts.

Customer Notification Settings

The navigation for customers is slightly different. If your customer has not been responsive, encourage them to enable notifications by selecting Menu followed by Settings. They can now choose the Notifications tab to turn on/off each of their email and text notification settings or add an email/phone number if one is missing.