How do I add my accounts?

How to add new accounts to Provi.

  • When logged into your portal in the upper right hand corner there are two options
  • Select either Refer and Earn or Onboard Retailers
    • Refer and Earn will prompt you to enter the email address and name of the account you are hoping to onboard. This will send that person an email where they can then create their account assigning you as their rep.
    • Onboard Retailers is available to some of Provi's integrated partners and will allow you to enter the account number of the retailer which will generate an auto log-in for that person.
  • If neither of these options is available please reach out to and a member on our team will assist you!

    Please note that when a retailer creates an account and adds your contact information to the Distributor Account, this retailer will then appear within your account.