How to add products to our marketplace using the self-service portal

Brands and craft breweries can easily add products or their entire portfolio to our searchable marketplace

 Using our self-service portal, brands and breweries of all sizes can easily add their entire product catalog to our marketplace. When added, products become searchable which helps increase brand visibility and product engagement with our audience of buyers. 

Add Product Description & Imagery

Use the self-service portal to edit existing products or to add new ones.

  • Login to your account, click the dropdown Menu and select Products to access the self-service portal. If Products does not appear in the menu, please live chat us via the chat bubble on this page to gain access.
  • From the Products page, select the Add Product button to add a new product.
  • Fill in all of the required fields marked with an asterisk (*). We also suggest adding a paragraph in the Product Description, Tasting Notes, and Pairs Well With fields to help educate buyers about your product.
  • Next, add an image of your product using a URL or Upload a File. Imagery of a single bottle or can perform best. If not available, then we recommend adding an image of the label. The image should be larger than 500 x 500 and smaller than 1600 x 1600 pixels. We accept jpg and png formats.
  • After adding the required information, select the Create button. The product will then be sent to our team for review before being added to the system.
  • Add SKUs to your product by following the next steps.

Add SKUs

Add the available SKUs after adding the product to our system

  • From the product page, scroll below to the Package Size section located below the Product Description.
  • Fill in all of the required fields marked with an asterisk (*). We also suggest adding the SKU and UPC information if available.
  • When finished, select the Create button.
  • The newly added package size should appear in the Package Size section of the page.

Add Products to Self Service Product Portal