Why can't I see pricing & deals?

Provi is committed to providing the wholesale alcohol industry with the most up-to-date pricing and deal information

To ensure that this information is available exclusively to those in the industry, we require that alcohol buyers have an up-to-date liquor license listed for each location they purchase for. Your establishment needs to update its liquor license information in order to access Provi’s full functionality listed. 


How do I add a liquor license number to my account?

To add your liquor license follow these easy steps

  • Click on the Hamburger Menu Icon Menu Icon in the top left of the screen and choose View your profile or Account Settings in the view panel. 
  • Click Locations in the account settings menu
  • Add your locations information in the Liquor License Number field
  • Click the certify check box confirming all the information is valid  
  • Then hit the update button at the bottom of the page.