What is a list?

If you thought ordering couldn't get any easier, think again.

A list is a searchable collection of products designed for you to quickly reference items that you frequently order. Rather than searching for individual products and selecting the applicable package type and/or size, lists save time by adding multiple items to your cart from a single page.

Here we will go over three different types of lists, and how you can use them. 

If you work for a national chain that has officially partnered with Provi, your lists may work a little differently from how this article describes. Refer to your corporate leadership or the Provi implementations team (implementations@provi.com) for more information and training. 


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Recently Ordered Items:

  • After your first order, Provi automatically generates a list containing all items that have just been ordered
  • This list automatically updates with every subsequent order and will contain all items that have been placed in your previous four orders

Integrated Distributor Lists

  • If you are connected to one of Provi's integrated distributor partners, you may also have pre-made lists on your accounts with your ordering history pre-Provi for those distributors. 

Custom Lists:

  • Most users choose to create custom lists by product type (ex: Vodka, Cordials, Beer, etc.) or by their distributor
  • The idea behind this is to group items in the same format as their PAR, inventory sheet, or order guide

Combined Lists:

  • Multiple lists can also be grouped together by creating a combined list
  • The most common use of combined lists is to combine all of your lists into one searchable master list with collapsible headers

Ready? Create your first list