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What if my distributor isn't listed in the marketplace?

Add a missing distributor's product catalog to the Provi marketplace

Here at Provi, we try to include product catalogs from every distributor available in your market. If you do not see a distributor listed on our platform, we can easily add their catalog to the marketplace.

Follow the quick steps below and our team will start immediately adding the distributor's products to our marketplace.

Have the Information Ready

Before reaching out to our team, we just ask that you have the following information about your distributor available to relay to our team.

  • The name of the missing distributor.
  • Your sales rep's name and contact information.
  •  Any specific products you would like to order (if any) from the missing distributor.


Want to expedite the process of getting your distributor's products added to the platform? Send us their product catalog in any file format available.

Reach Out to Our Team

If you have any questions about finding a distributor or a product, please contact us by submitting a ticket here