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What if I don't know my sales rep?

Refer to a recent invoice or call your distributor if you're not sure of your rep's contact information.

It's important to keep your Sales Rep information in Provi up to date so that we can send your orders to the right person who can confirm your order and ensure delivery. If you've ordered from a distributor before, the easiest way to identify your sales rep will be to check a past invoice. Your rep's contact information will be included on the invoice. 

In the example invoice above, you can find the Sales Rep's contact information towards the top of the invoice (blue arrows). You may also want to add your liquor license number (red arrow) to your account while you're here.

If you're setting up your account for the very first time, you can also pull your account number with the distributor from your invoice (yellow arrow), which is used for first-time account configuration. 

But we get it - you might not hold onto past invoices, or you may find a product from a distributor you haven't used before. Not to worry - finding your rep is easy.

Phone your distributor to find out your sales rep - calm those telephone nerves, we've even included a brief suggested phone script. Read on for a directory of the most common distributors and the phone number you should call. If you don't see your distributor's name on this list, you can also contact us for help

Once you have your sales rep's information, you can add it to Provi to store for your records and future orders. 

Alternatively, if you don't know your rep because you only order from customer service at this distributor, you can also choose "I order from customer service" and we will make sure your order gets to the right place. This option is available for most (but not all) distributors. 

Phone Numbers to Call, by State

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Breakthru Beverage: (602) 760-5500

Southern Distributing: (602) 533-8000


Southern Distributing: (562) 926-2000

Winebow CA: (707) 745-8500

Wine Warehouse: (800) 331-2829


Breakthru Beverage: (303) 371-3421

Classic Beverage: (626) 934-3700 

Eagle Rock Distributing (Formerly Anheuser-Busch Sales): (770) 498-5500

Southern Distributing: (800) 332-9956


Breakthru Beverage (North): (813) 672-6161
Breakthru Beverage (South): (954) 436-9200

Southern Distributing: (866) 375-9555


Empire Distributors: (404) 572-4100

General Wholesale Company: (404) 350-6543


Breakthru Beverage: (708) 298-3333

Chicago Beverage Systems: (773) 826-4100

Southern Distributing: (630) 685-3000

Windy City Distributing: (630) 820-1268


Bond Distributing: (410) 945-5600

Breakthru Beverage: (800) 492-3900

Opici Family Distributing: (800) 648-9462


Breakthru Beverage: (651) 646-7821

Southern Distributing: (612) 623-1500


Major Brands: (314) 645-1843


Southern Distributing: (702) 876-4500


Breakthru Beverage: (262) 821-0600

Example Phone Script

Who doesn't have phone anxiety these days? Not to worry - your conversation will look something like this - be sure to have a pen and paper ready, or the add a sales rep page open. 

You: "Hi, I'm calling to find out who my sales rep is?"

The Distributor: What is your name and account number? 

Y: "My name is {your name} - I don't have my account number, can I give you the street address?

D: Yes, one moment, I'll look it up.

Y: [provide your business address]. "Thank you. Would you be able to give me their name and cell or email for my records? "

D: [provides the sales rep information]

Y: "That's it for today! Thank you and have a great day."

CLICK! That's it! Pretty painless, right?

In some rare cases, your distributor may tell you that you don't have a specific rep: you can always request a sales rep. Having a specific, named, individual rep will allow you to connect with that person over ProviChat for samples, recommendations, and more - you deserve a rep! 

If for some reason it doesn't work out though, just let us know and we'll support on your behalf.