What happens after a customer sends an order?

You will be notified as soon as your account sends an order via text and email. Your customer will be notified of any actions you take on the order.

Does your distributor have a handheld integration with Provi? If so, these instructions might not be as relevant for you. Please refer to your manager for more information. 

Receiving Orders

Provi provides you with your own personal dashboard where you can track current and historical orders from all of your accounts. Each order will be sent to you by text and email, or you can log into Provi and manage all of your orders from one place. 

Once you open an order’s details, the customer’s view of their order will change from “Sent” to “Seen.” Your customer is not emailed or notified at this point.

Note that this page will include any order notes or backup requests for out-of-stock items from your account. 

Messaging About Orders

Your account may send you a message specific to the order. You will receive the message over text and email. You can also see the message when you open the order details from your dashboard. When viewing the message over email or in Provi, the entire message history will be displayed. 

You can reply to the message from the quick reply option linked in the message notification. 

All text messages about orders sent through Provi will come from the same phone number, so you can save this number to your phone for quick reference. 

You can also send your own message to your customer through the order page in Provi, for example, to identify substitutions for out-of-stock items in the customer’s order.

Accepting Orders

Once you have entered the order into your distributor’s order processing system, you can mark the order “Confirm Order Received.” Your customer will be notified. You also have the option to leave your customer a note while confirming the order. 

Customizing your Experience

You can customize your notification settings at any time. If your customer tells you they were not notified when you confirmed their order, marked an order out of stock, or sent them a message, you can also encourage them to check their own notification settings