What are the different parts of the Provi Cart page?

The Provi Cart provides a wealth of information regarding each of your individual distributor orders as well as a summary view of all of your orders.

The cart is broken down into 16 district parts.

At the order level you will see:

  1. Distributor - Which distributor the order is being placed with
  2. Distributor Logo - The distributor logo
  3. Sales Rep - The rep who will be informed of your order
  4. Order Requirements - Any requirements from the distributor such as minimums
  5. Order Notes - Any notes that you have included for your rep regarding this order
  6. Total - The estimated total of this order based on the pricing information provided by your distributor
  7. Items in Order - The total number of items within your order, broken down by item type
  8. “See More” Arrow - Click to expand to see the item level information within the order
  9. Save for Later - Save items in the order for later
  10. Send Order - Send this order without sending other orders within your cart

In the order summary section you will see:

 11.  Order Summary - An overview of all the orders in your cart

12.  Order Summary Download - Download a PDF of the order summary

13.  Distributor Breakdown - The item quantity and price breakdown by distributor of all orders in  your cart

14. Estimated Total - The estimated total of all orders in your cart based on the pricing information provided by your distributors

15. Total Cart Items - The total number of items within your cart, broken down by item type

16. Send All Orders - Send all orders within your cart to their respective distributor reps≠Cart Page V1 fixed

On mobile you will see the same elements in a layout that has been optimized for a smaller screen. 

The cart summary is available at the top of the screen and can be expanded by using the “see more” arrow in the upper right. This same functionality is available at the order level, just like on desktop, when you wish to see more about the items included in a specific order.

Mobile Cart Page V1