Using Your Storefront in Marketing & Sales Material

Learn how to use your Storefront in your sales and marketing efforts to increase profits & build better customer relationships

While your Storefront will be featured on the homepage of Provi, you can and should use Storefronts in direct marketing methods to support sales efforts, measure ROI and collect vital customer data. 

Email Marketing with Storefronts

If you aren't using email to keep your customers informed, then you are missing out on a huge relationship-building and profit-building tool. Email marketing helps you build better relationships with your customers by providing relevant and valuable information that will help them take actions that drive sales.

By incorporating Storefronts into your email marketing efforts you can not only build better relationships but increase profitability by allowing customers to purchase products directly from the content. In fact, the average purchase rate from email in 2020 is 19.8% according to research conducted by e-Commerce pulse. Even better, emails featuring discounts convert at a 10% rate than those without.

    How to Add Your Storefront Link to an Email

    In order to track the results of your email marketing campaign, you must include a specific modifier to the url. This modifier will tell our system that the visitor arrived to your Storefront via an email and can even tell us which email they clicked on.

    Modifier Template

    ?utm_campaign=[Insert Name of Email | Use _ instead of spaces]&utm_source=email


    Storefront Social Help Desk

    Using Storefronts on Social Media

    80% of the US population has a social media account. On average, these people spend about 2 hours and 22 minutes a day killing time on different social platforms. Based on those metrics, your company will have an additional 16 hours a week to engage with and inform your customers by using social media.

    If your company is thinking about using social media or already does so, then why not measure the results of your efforts by linking to your Storefront in social posts.

    How to Add Your Storefront Link to Social Media Posts

    Just like in emails, you must attach a modifier to your Storefront url in order to measure the results. This modifier will tell you which social media platform and specific post the visitor clicked on before visiting your store.

    Modifier Template

    ?utm_campaign=[Summarize post | Use _ instead of spaces]&utm_source=[Platform Name]&utm_medium=social


    Add Storefronts to Your Company's Email Signature

    The relationships that your sales reps build with accounts are essential to the profitability of your business. You can better support their sales efforts by including a customized Storefront link in your company signature. 

    This will not only help with company-wide sales alignment but also allow you to you to measure Storefront traffic and results down to the rep level.

    Modifier Template

    ?utm_campaign=email_signature&utm_source=email&utm_medium=[rep's first & last name | Use _ instead of spaces]


    Add Your Storefront to Your Website

    Updating the product catalog on your website is huge pain. Not only is it time consuming but there is no way to measure ROI when customers cannot purchase the products on your website. Instead of wasting the money and manpower on updating your website's catalog, add a link to your Storefront where you can measure traffic and sales.

    Modifier Template



    Measuring Results

    One of the greatest things about selling online is the ability to track the results of your sales and marketing efforts. You can use this data to help analyze the channels (email, social, etc) and campaigns that drive the most traffic. These engagement metrics can also help inform your priorities for future Storefronts. Results will be delivered to you on a monthly basis.