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Retailer Preview Site for Distributors

Learn how to access the retailer preview site, what you can and can't see, and more.


The Provi distributor experience is drastically different from the one seen by your buyers. With the retailer preview site, you can now see what your buyers do when they login to Provi. You can browse product listings, see your storefront, and show your buyers that aren't currently on Provi exactly how it saves both parties so much time!


To access the retail preview site, click on "Retailer Preview" on the right side of the menu bar

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Do I see the same products and ads that my buyers see?

Yes, for the most part. A sales rep will see the same version of Provi as a retailer in your zip code. For example, if your address is in zip code 60601, the sales rep preview site will display the Provi catalog for 60601.

Note: Some buyers might see slightly different products and/or ads

What can I do as a sales rep on the Sales Rep Preview Site?

As a sales rep, you can…

  • View the Provi homepage
  • View ads
  • Search for products
  • Browse and filter products by categories and/or distributor
  • See distributor storefronts and catalogs
  • View a product detail page with product sizes, containers, tasting notes, etc.
  • Add products to your cart
  • View your cart
  • Edit your cart - remove products, save products for later, add deal notes, etc.

What can’t I do as a sales rep on the Sales Rep Preview Site?

As a sales rep, you cannot…

  • View some pages such as Lists, Reports, Order History, Sell Sheets, Settings
  • View pricing, deals, or stock information for any product
  • Add sales reps, pricing, or new products
  • Submit a cart