Requesting Additions to Approved Order Lists

If your company mandates the use of Provi, it is possible that you also have a pre-determined list of products you can order on Provi. You can also request additional items to be added.

This article does not apply to businesses that are not mandated to using specific product lists on Provi by their organization. 

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How to request an addition to a locked list

Hoping to order an item not already on your Lists? You can request the item from your Group Approver:

  • Log into Provi and search for the item you would like to order.  
  • Click the "Request Item" button. If you don't see this button, the item is already on your Lists and you can order it as usual. 
  • Your Group Approver will immediately receive a notification to approve your request. 
  • If the request is approved, the item will be added to a new list under your Lists

How to approve or reject an addition to a locked list

As a Group Approver, you will be assigned to approve item requests from orderers (e.g. general managers) who are attempting to order an item not included on their locked lists. If one of your orderers makes a request, you'll receive an email with the details of the request. 

Follow the link in the email or navigate directly to your queue of requests by logging into Provi and clicking "Product Requests" under the  Hamburger Menu Icon Menu icon. 

This page will show you all open product requests from your orderers, including product details and the ability to approve or reject each request. Approving or rejecting the request will send a notification to the orderer. If you approve the request, the item will be included in a new list under their Lists, and the orderer will be able to add the item to all of their future orders.

How to request a specific size of a product

If the specific size of a product is not on your list here is how to make the request.

  • Click on the product on the list in the List page
  • In the product page you will see the other product sizes
  • If you would like to add the product to your list directly click add to list
  • Fill out the Request Product form accordingly then hit the Request button.