FAQ: How does ProviPay work for bars & retailers? (CO only)

Learn how to review invoices and pay for orders on Provi in Colorado.

ProviPay is only available to select retailers identified by their distributors. If you do not have an "Invoices" option under your account menu, you are not yet eligible for ProviPay. Please contact success@provi.com if you have questions, or sign up for our waitlist to be notified when you are eligible.

allows bars, restaurants, and other retailers to manage invoices and send trackable electronic payments to distributors all through Provi. This new feature is currently available in select markets and works like this:

  1. You order your beverage restock, on or off Provi.
  2. Your distributor delivers your order.
  3. Your distributor finalizes your invoice to reflect any additional deals, custom pricing, or stock changes. You are notified by email.
  4. You can submit payment for your order on Provi by ACH (bank transfer), credit card, or debit card. 

We also recommend reviewing your account security before setting up your payment method. 

Check out our 3-minute video to learn more:

Questions? We can help.

Understanding your invoice

Making payments

Understanding your invoice


Q: When do my invoices appear?

A: Your invoice will appear in your account after your order is delivered and your invoice is finalized. This is typically one business day after your delivery date but could be sooner. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about invoices.


Q: What do the different invoice statuses mean? 

A: There are five invoice statuses: 

  1. Unpaid: You have not yet paid for this order. 
  2. Overdue: Your payment is past-due for this order. 
  3. Pending: The payment was made in ProviPay and is processing. 
  4. Paid: The payment was submitted and processed, or the payment was made directly with the distributor.
  5. Failed: The payment was not processed. This could be because your card or bank account details were incorrect. Update your payment method and try again.  



Q: Why don’t I see a Provi order on my invoice?

A: Your distributor will send all invoices to Provi, but if your original order wasn't made on Provi, no Provi order information will be available. This can happen if you call or email your distributor sales rep to make your order instead of using Provi. 



Q: Can I dispute my invoice on Provi? 

A: Contact us if there’s an issue with your invoice. 



Q: How do I know who made a payment? 

A: In the invoice details, you will see “Paid by” with the email of the user that made the payment.



Q: Why can’t I get invoices and make payments on Provi for all of my distributors? 

A: We're constantly working to expand the number of distributors using ProviPay.



Q: Why is the total price on my finalized invoice less than the estimated order total on my Provi order?

A: Provi calculates an estimated price for your order with the best information available, but sometimes your rep may add additional discounts or custom pricing. The finalized invoice reflects all adjustments made by your rep, including any swaps for out-of-stock items. 


Making Payments



Q: How do I update my payment method?

A: You can update your payment method in the Settings section of your Provi account.

  1. In the main menu, select Settings in the drop-down.
  2. Select Payment Methods from the left-hand menu.
  3. To remove a payment method, click delete.
  4. To add a payment method, select Add Payment Method.
  5. Fill out the payment details and click Save Payment Method.

Updating your payment method is also covered as the third and final step in this two-minute video covering recommended account settings:



Q: How do I make a payment? 

A: You can make a payment in the Invoices section of your Provi account.

  1. In the main menu, select Invoices in the drop-down.
  2. Click on the unpaid invoice you want to pay.
  3. Review the invoice details and select Pay Invoice. 
  4. In the pop-up screen, click Submit Payment to finalize the transaction.

Alternatively, you can pay for multiple invoices at once on the Invoices page by ticking the checkbox next to all invoices you want to pay, then clicking Pay Selected in the upper right. Choose your payment method and submit. 



Only managers and admins can submit payment. If you do not see the Submit Payment or Pay Selected options, ensure you have the correct employee permissions. 


Q: How will I be charged when I pay multiple invoices at once?

A: If you pay for multiple invoices at once and they are all for the same distributor, your payment will appear as one transaction on your bank statement. If the invoices you selected include different distributors, each distributor's payment will appear on your bank statement separately. 


Q: What is a Known Payee?

A: Some business bank accounts have debit blocks, preventing your account from being debited by unknown entities. If your bank account has debit blocks and you would like to pay by bank transfer, you must first list ensure your bank recognizes Provi as a Known Payee.

When updating your account's Known Payees, enter the name as Fifth Third Bank and originator ID as 000410147. There is an intentional space at the end of the ID. This will ensure that Provi can successfully debit your account to pay for your order.


Q: Is ProviPay free?

A: Payment made via ACH (bank transfer) is completely free to you. Payment made by credit or debit card has a small convenience fee per transaction, shown before you submit your payment.  


Q: Are credit card fees tax-deductible?

A: Yes! According to IRS Publication 535 (p. 46), credit card processing fees are tax-deductible when the purchase is made on behalf of your business. That means that not only will you be able to deduct the 3% convenience fee from your taxes as a business expense, but if you use a credit card that offers points rewards, you can earn by using a credit card as well. 


Q: Can I make a payment for all of my retail locations at once? 

A: You need to log into each individual retail location account to make a payment. 


Q: How will these payments appear on my bank statement?

A: The bank statement will show the distributor's name. 


Q: How will I know if my ACH payment failed?

A:  You will receive an email alerting you that your payment has failed. In addition, your invoice status will show “Failed.”


Q: Can my payment be canceled? 

A: Contact us to see if your payment can be canceled.