What do the different order statuses mean?

Provi orders can be “sent,” “seen,” “confirmed,” or “rejected."

You can review your order history by clicking on the Orders History icon on the main Provi account page. Each of your orders will be displayed with an order status. Order statuses have the following definitions:


Your Provi order was sent to your distributor sales rep. Your rep will receive your order through every communication method Provi has saved for the rep, that they have not disabled in their notification. This can include both cell number (texting) and email. If your sales rep’s distributor is partnered with Provi, they will receive your order directly on their integrated handheld. 


Your distributor sales rep has opened the order details to view more information. 


Your distributor sales rep has accepted the order and you will receive it on your next scheduled delivery day. Your order may be confirmed with modifications, such as the removal of out-of-stock items. You will be notified of any items in your order were marked out-of-stock by your rep. 


If your sales rep’s distributor is partnered with Provi and your order is not approved, for example, because it did not meet the distributor’s order minimum or because there are issues with your account, it will be marked “rejected.” Contact your sales rep for more information.