How can I contact my rep about my order?

Use the order details page to send a message to your distributor rep about a specific order

If you’d like to check in on the status of a specific order, request a different delivery date, plan backup options for out of stocks, or cancel your order, you can message your rep directly through the order details page

Note: This feature is only available for some sales reps. If your distributor is partnered with Provi, you will not see the ability to message on the order. This is because your order will be sent directly to the distributor’s order processing system. If your rep’s distributor is partnered with Provi you can still message them with Provi Chat

How do I start a new order message?

Simply open the main menu on the upper left hand side of your screen, and click on Order History to view your past orders. Next, open the specific order you would like to message about. You will see the option to message your rep about this order on the left pane if using Provi on your computer, and in a tab titled Messages if you are on mobile. 

How will my rep be notified?

Your rep will receive messages over text and email, as long as they have not disabled Provi notifications. You will also be notified of new messages over text and email. 

Alternatively, if you need to contact your rep unrelated to a specific order, you can always do so via Provi Chat