Provi Notifications

Learn what notifications are on Provi and what they mean


Provi's notification feature allows you to receive information about your orders and new Provichat messages from your sales rep.

A numbered badge will appear on the bell icon with a count of how many unread notifications you have. 

Notification Bell Icon



What notifications will I receive?

Currently, there are four notification types you can receive:

  1. Order status changes (seen by rep, confirmed, rejected)
  2. New order messages 
  3. Order notifications that failed to send to the rep
  4. New Provichat messages

How can I mark notifications as read?

You can make a notification “read” by clicking on the notification, or clicking “mark all as read”. Clicking on the notification will take you to the appropriate place to take action – the order detail page for a seen or confirmed order for example,