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Coming from SevenFifty to Provi

Learn what Provi is, how to use it, and get answers to questions you have

Now that SevenFifty's product and pricing catalog is powering Provi, we are officially ready to focus on providing you with the best ordering experience, in a single marketplace. This collection of knowledge base articles will provide insight in Provi's functionality, share best practices, and more.

General FAQs

Learn How to Use Provi

General FAQs

What is happening to SevenFifty?

Provi and SevenFifty have joined forces to create a more powerful beverage discovery and ordering experience. The data and products from SevenFifty are being folded into the Provi marketplace where you will be able to search, discover, and order all from one place!


Will I still be able to find all of the products I’m looking for? 

Yes! We’re moving product information from SevenFifty into Provi in order to provide a similar representation of your distributors catalog on Provi so you can continue to find and order the products you need.


Will I still be able to see pricing?

Yes! Products on Provi will reflect the price we receive from distributors in your market. Have a custom price? You can update that information directly in Provi to reflect any discounts or deals you have with your distributors.


Will I still be able to place orders with my distributors?

Yes, you'll be able to order from your distributors via Provi. Provi’s best in class ordering process will make purchasing the products you need from your distributors easier than ever before.


Can I contact my distributor reps for samples or with questions?

Yes! You’ll have access to ProviChat, a centralized hub for communicating with all of your distributor reps. You can ask questions, request information, and receive order information for all of your distributors.

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Will my order history and lists be available?

Our beverage ordering consultants would love to help you get this information set up in your Provi account. Fill out this form and a Provi team member will reach out shortly.


I’ve never used Provi, could someone show me how it works?

Absolutely! Our team is fully committed to creating a seamless transition for you. Fill out this form and a Provi team member will reach out to walk you through the Provi marketplace and ensure you feel confident on Provi.


How can I access Provi?

If you don’t have a provi account click here to create a password and get started with Provi today!