How does the Rep Recomendations feature work for buyers?

When a rep creates a sample sheet or list on Sevenfifty for you they can share it digitally, through email or a direct link, or physically by bringing you a printed list with a unique QR code on it.

How it works

  1. Click the link in the email your rep shared with you, or scan the QR code on the printed sample sheet
  2. Log into Provi
  3. Your sample sheet or list will automatically open within Provi and be saved to the new “Rep Recommendations” section
  4. Easily add items to your cart directly from the sample sheet

If you ever want to return to the Rep Recommendations page all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the  Hamburger Menu Icon  Menu icon in the top left corner of the home page
  2. In the side panel list, click on Rep Recommendations
Don't have any recommendations yet? Ask your rep to send you some! 


 Rep Recomendation FAQ's 


Q: Can buyers access Rep Recommendations from their Provi account without scanning the QR code on the sample sheet/list?

A: The scanning of the QR code allows buyers to access a unique URL that assigns the sheet to their account. This URL can be reached via the QR code, the sample sheet email from the rep, or if the URL is shared directly with them.


Q: Where else do Rep Recommendations show up?

A: At this time Rep Recommendations only show in the Rep Recommendations section. However, in the future recommendations will be surfaced in additional locations within the marketplace.


Q: Do sample sheets/lists have to be printed to be shared?

A: No, the sample sheets can be shared by email, lists contain a shareable URL that reps can send to buyers, and the QR code can also be scanned from the digital PDF.


Q: If a sample sheet is emailed or the URL is shared will the list appear in the Rep Recommendations section of the buyer experience?

A: Not automatically, the buyer needs to hit the URL before the list of products will populate. This can be done by clicking the link in the email or navigating to the URL directly.


Q: Can buyers order directly from the Rep Recommendation section?

A: Buyers can add to cart directly from the product sheet, but they will need to visit the Cart to submit their order


Q: If a buyer is new to Provi what will happen when they scan the QR code or click the rep recommendation link in email?

A: They will be brought to a signup flow with a modal that is customized to this experience


Q: Can the reps push these to the accounts? So it is on their lists?

A: No, the buyer must hit the URL for the list to save to their account


Q: Is there a limit to how many accounts they can share the sell sheets with?

A: No, there is not currently a limit


Q: Will VIS (Verified In Stock) show up on the sheets?

A: Not at this time


Q: Can a buyer message reps from the Rep Recs sheets?

A: No, but the distributor info is listed and linked at the top of the sheet


Q: Can buyers print Rep Rec sheets?

A: Not at this time


Q: Are we going to have Labels on the sell sheets?

A: The Rep Recommendations sheet will show the primary image from SevenFifty


Q: Can you "Add to List" from the sell sheet?

A: Not yet! But that is something we will potentially explore in the future


Q: Will sample sheets/lists get saved to the user's general Provi Rep Recommendations, or stored according to the purchasing establishment they were signed into when they clicked on?
A: Rep Recommendations will be shown at the user level