How does ProviPay work for distributors?

ProviPay allows distributors to send their retailers invoices and collect payment completely online.

This new feature is currently available in select markets:

  1. The retailer submits their order.* 
  2. The order is delivered. 
  3. The distributor finalizes the order details, including any additional deals, custom pricing, or stock changes into the finalized invoice. 
  4. The finalized invoice is sent to the customer.
  5. The customer can pay via ACH on Provi, which the distributor can track through their Distributor Portal on Provi. In a COD (Cash on Delivery) state, this payment must be pending, paid, or closed by delivery. 
  6. Payment is issued to the distributor's bank account.

* Distributors can send all invoices to their retailers on Provi, but orders originally made on Provi will be associated back to the original order details. 

Getting Set Up

If your company does not already use ProviPay or you need to add a new bank account to your current configuration, contact us to get started. 

Receiving Payments on ProviPay

You can review the payment statuses of your current orders by navigating to the invoice and referring to the Payment Status field. 

There are five available payment statuses:

  1. Unpaid: The customer has not yet issued payment for the order.
  2. Overdue: The customer's payment is past due. 
  3. Pending: The payment was made in ProviPay and is processing. 
  4. Settled: The payment was submitted and settled, or the payment was made directly with the distributor.
  5. Failed: The payment was not processed. 

The amount of time a payment is pending depends on the retailer's method of payment:

ACH: This is customizable and based on the terms (COD, Term) offered to your customers. Please reach out to us to discuss settlement speeds.

Reporting on Payment Settlements

You can export all settlements in your Provi account: 

  1. Open the Payments section of your account.
  2. In the upper right corner, select Settlement Report. 
  3. Select a settlement start and end date for your report. 
  4. Click Download CSV to access the report.