How Does ProviPay Work?

Learn about what ProviPay is and how it can help you easily pay for orders on Provi electronically

ProviPay is only available to select retailers identified by our partner distributors, Eagle Rock of Colorado, Colorado Craft Distributors, Elite Brands of Colorado, Momentum Beverage, and High Country Beverage in Colorado, and Spec's Wine, Spirits, & Finer Foods in Texas.

If you do not have an "Invoices" option under your account menu, Please submit a support ticket here if you have questions.

ProviPay allows on and off-premise retailers to manage invoices and send trackable electronic payments to distributors all through Provi. This new feature is currently available in Colorado and Texas and works like this:

  1. You order your beverage restock, on or off Provi.
  2. Your distributor delivers your order.
  3. Your distributor finalizes your invoice to reflect any additional deals, custom pricing, or stock changes. You are notified by email.
  4. You can submit payment for your orders made on and off of Provi via ProviPay. Find the invoice you would like to pay under invoices and pay via ACH (bank transfer) or Credits.  

We also recommend reviewing your account security before setting up your payment method via Plaid. Please have your bank account login credentials handy when creating using Plaid to connect your business bank account. 

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General Provi Pay FAQs


General FAQs 


Q: Who is eligible for ProviPay?

A: Currently, only Provi customers in Colorado and Texas* have access to ProviPay. We will keep you informed as we add additional markets!


Q: I haven’t used ProviPay but I want to, how can I set up my account? 

A: Navigate to the Invoices section of Provi by clicking the menu icon in the top left of the screen, then selecting payments. From there, you can add a payment method and pay any invoices you have.


Q: How do I add or update a payment method?

A: You can update a payment method in the Payment Settings section of your Provi account.

  1. From the Invoices page, select Payment Settings on the left-side navigation.
  2. To add a payment method, click Add Payment Method.
  3. Search for your banking institution on Plaid and enter your bank account’s credentials to instantly link your account.
  4. If you cannot find your banking institution, you may link your bank account with your routing and account numbers by clicking Link with account numbers at the bottom of the Plaid pop-up.

Note: If you link your bank account with account numbers, Plaid will make two deposits under $1.00 each into your account within 1 business day. You will need to return to Provi to verify. Deposits will be from Provi ACCTVERIFY


Q: Can I make payments for all of my locations if I have multiple on Provi? 

A: Yes! You will need to log into each individual retail location account to make a payment, but the process is the same for each location


Q: How can I learn more about what ProviPay can do for me?

A: Please contact our team to learn more about ProviPay.