How do I use Provi Chat to message my customers?

Provi Chat allows sales reps to respond to emails that customers send directly through Provi.

Whether your customers are inquiring about the status of an order, asking for a new tap handle or requesting samples, Provi Chat helps you to centralize communication while staying organized and saving time. 

How does Provi Chat work?

Customers can send messages directly through Provi to their sales reps. The messages are sent to the sales rep via email. The sales rep can then reply directly to the email to respond.  The image below is an example of how this message will look. 


The message from the customer will appear with the follow details:

  • Contact Name
  • Account Name
  • Account Address
  • Account Number

Please note: Only Sales Reps with email addresses in Provi can be sent messages via Provi Chat. 


For more information and to better understand how your customers use Provi Chat click here