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How do I edit the contact information for a sales rep?

Update the contact information for any sales rep associated to your account

On occasion, you may need to edit your sales rep's contact information due to an error in our database or a typo when you added them to our system. Editing their contact information is easy and helps ensure that your orders are communicated to the correct person. 

Edit Your Reps Contact Information

Update the contact information for the sales rep associated with your account.

  • Click the     icon link on the main Provi page, or in the upper left-hand corner click on the  Hamburger Menu Icon  menu icon  and select My Distributors in the sidebar menu.
  • Under Connected Distributors find the sales rep whose contact information you would like to edit.
  • Select the  icon Edit button. If the Edit button is not available then skip to the next step.
  • If your sales rep has changed, search for the new sales rep's name. If you only need to change their contact details, click add them manually. 
  • Add the correct details in the corresponding Name, Phone, and Email fields.
  • Select Add when finished.

The Edit Button Does Not Appear Next to My Rep

The Edit button only appears when the sales rep's information was added manually. If the option is not available then your sales rep either accidentally entered the incorrect information or forgot to update their information after a change.


Contact Customer Support to update your rep's contact information by:

  • Clicking the Transparant Hubspot Chat Bubble-1 chat bubble icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen while signed into your Provi account or submitting a support ticket with us here