How do I create a Storefront?

The ultimate guide to creating & updating your Storefront on Provi!


Admin Disclaimer: Only admin users have access to create and edit a Storefront. If you are not an admin but should be, please reach out to a current administrator to update your permissions.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • To start creating your Storefront, make sure you are logged into your Provi Account
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Storefronts from the drop down menu.
  • From here you will be directed to your Storefront Editor. This is where you will use predetermined templates and add custom photos to design a visually appealing Storefront in minutes—no coding required!


How to Add Products to Your Storefront

Three content sections (Featured Product, Product Pair, and Product Collections) can be used to add products to your Storefront. 

  • Navigate to the grey sidebar located on the left-hand side of the editor and select the section you would like to update. 
  • To choose a product, click Select Product.
From here, you can sort through your catalog by the following:

    • Brand Family
    • Supplier
    • Product Type
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Feature
    • Country
    • Region
    • Appellation
    • Raw Material
    • Vintage
    • Container Size

  •  Depending on the content section you edit, you’re able to change the name/description and product image that will appear on your storefront.

Elements of Your Storefront

Each Provi Storefront is composed of six different advertising sections. These sections are accessible for editing via the left side bar in the Storefront Editor. They are as follows:

Header & Logo



This is where you will choose the header and logo images that will appear at the very top of your Storefront, as well as where you want your logo to appear—to the left, center or right.

Page Location

This is the first section beverage buyers will see, so hook them in with something visually appealing!


Use the header to show off your branding or to set the tone of your Storefront. Are you holding a promotion, or celebrating a specific holiday or occasion? Let beverage buyers know!

Visual Assets

  • Logo Image: Min image size: 150x150 / Max file size: 5MB  (Logo images are optional. To withhold the logo from being in the header, simply toggle it off) 
  • Header Image: Min image size: 1400x300 / Max file size: 5MB

Caution: Images that are not within these size requirements will be unable to upload.

Tip: If you choose to hide your logo, you can create a custom header with your company logo

Featured Product



In this section, you will choose to highlight a specific product from your catalog. Want to let beverage buyers know about a new release? This would be the place to do it! 

Page Location

This is the first product beverage buyers will see upon scrolling through your Storefront. It is located in the second row, just below the Header & Logo.


Only one product can be featured in this section at any given time. This area is perfect for putting the spotlight on that one special product within your catalog!

Visual Assets

  • Product Image: Min image size: 640x375 / Max file size: 5MB

Tip: We encourage you to fill out as much information about the product as possible. If no name or description is filled out, product details will default to what is already showing on the Provi platform, with the exception of imagery. If no imagery is uploaded for the Featured Product section, you will be prompted to add one. 

Product Pair



Here you will choose to highlight two different products from your catalog. As the name states, this area perfect for highlighting items that pair well together or that match a specific theme.

Page Location

This section is located in the third row of your Storefront, just below the Featured Product section.


Two products can be featured in this section. Although they look similar, the biggest difference between the Product Pair and Featured Product is no description field is included here. You can use this section for a multitude of things, whether you want to feature two products thematically, or feature two products that can be used in a drink recipe!

Visual Assets

  • Product Image: Min image size: 640x375 / Max file size: 5MB


Product Collection



Use this section to highlight up to 12 different products of your choosing. Promote closeout deals, holiday-specific products, or new brands. You can also use this section to promote products that you’re promoting at an event or tasting.

Page Location: 

This section is located in the fourth row, just below Product Pair and above the Product Catalog. You can multiple product collections to your Storefront. We recommend including no more than 4 product collections. 

Visual Assets 

This section currently does not offer any customization for imagery.

Tip: If you click out of the modal while adding products to the Product Collection, you will not lose anything you’ve previously selected.


Product Catalog



This is where the rest of your catalog will be displayed to Provi users to search and discover. Products are sorted by volume of sales on Provi, in descending order.

You have the option of selecting 16, 20, 24, or 30 products

  • To adjust the number of items shown per page, click the dropdown under Items per Page to select between 16, 20, 24, or 30

Visual Assets

This section currently does not offer any customization for imagery.




The footer allows you to drive traffic to additional marketing channels. You have the option to add links to your website, twitter, facebook and/or instagram.

Preview & Publish



You can preview your Storefront for mobile or desktop at any time by selecting the Preview button in the upper right corner. If it's good to go, click Publish, also in the upper right corner.

Once your storefront has been published, a modal will pop up with your storefront URL, and it can be shared immediately. 

Caution: All updates and changes will go live once you publish your storefront.