How do I create a list?

Create a list and order your product staples even faster.

There are two different ways you can create a list. From the Product Details page and from the Lists page. Let's break 'em down right now.

Product Details Page

  • Find the first product you wish to add to a list and click to view the product details page
  • Click the Add to List icon located to the right of the quantity field
  • Click on Create New List
  • Type the name of your list and select Add New List, then when finished hit the Done button
  • Subsequently, you can go into your list page and see the newly created list

Lists Menu

  • Click on the  Hamburger Menu Icon  button in the upper left-hand side of the header
  • Select Lists in the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Create a new list button
  • Enter the name of your new list in the List name field, then hit Create
  • You’ll be directed into the new list where you will now be able to search for products to add to the list

Learn how to add products to your lists.   

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