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How do I add my distributor sales rep?

Add your sales rep's contact information to send orders to all of your distributors

Streamline the process of ordering from all of your distributors by adding more of your sales reps to your Provi account.

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    Search for the Distributor

    You can add any sales rep from any distributor in your market to your account.

    • Login to your account
    • Click the Menu icon and select My Distributors
    • You can click on a distributor's name directly under Suggested Distributors, or click Connect a Distributor to add a rep from a different distributor
    • Search for the name of the distributor your sales rep works for in the Select a Distributor box

      Search for Your Rep

      Search our database of sales reps in order to add existing reps to your account.

      • Once you have selected a distributor, search by name, phone, or email to find your rep and connect them to your account. 
      • If your sales rep is already in our database then it will populate in the section below the search fields.
      • Select the Connect button to add the rep to your account

      If you don't have a rep at the distributor, don't worry! You can also choose "I order from customer service" and we will make sure your order gets to the right place. This option is available for most (but not all) distributors. 


      Add a Sales Rep Who Is Missing From the Provi Database

      If you searched for your sales rep and they didn't appear in our system then don't worry! You can add them yourself.

      • Once you select the distributor, click the add them manually link under Search for your Sales Reps
      • Type your sales rep's Name, Phone Number and Email Address in the corresponding fields. This information must be accurate. If you aren't sure of your sales rep's contact information, we can help
      • Once your rep's contact information has been entered, select Add.