How do I add my accounts?

How to add new accounts to Provi.

Refer your accounts to Provi so that you can sell 24/7. A leading distributor partner found that accounts who order on Provi buy 30% more than accounts that don't.

Purchasing on a marketplace ensures your products will always be present and advertised to customers, even when they're ordering from other distributors. Plus, with Provi they can save time by combining each of their distributor orders into just one shopping experience: and more time saved on ordering means more time to spend on trying new products! 

There are two ways to refer accounts to Provi:


As an integrated distributor:

  • Log into Provi and choose Onboard Retailers
  • You will need the Account Number for each account you refer to Provi.
  • After entering an Account Number, you will have the opportunity to enter a few additional fields of information that can help personalize the account's experience on Provi
  • Once you submit the form, your account will receive an invitation email to Provi. After logging in, the customer will have no further set up tasks necessary. They'll already be set up to order from you, and may even have fully shoppable Lists available with their past ordering history before Provi. 

If your distributor is running a "Refer & Earn" program in partnership with Provi, accounts referred this way are also eligible for referral incentives. Please refer to your account manager for more information about any currently active incentive programs at your distributor. In some cases, these incentives can be higher than those from the below program!


As an un-integrated distributor:

If the "Onboard Retailers" button is not available, you still have an easy way to invite your accounts to Provi. 

  • Log into Provi and click on your name in the upper right corner
  • Select Refer and Earn
  • Enter your customer's name, phone number, and email address.
  • Your customer will receive an invitation to Provi and need to complete the setup of their Provi account.  You will be assigned as their sales rep during this account setup process. No pre-made shoppable Lists will be available for this customer, however. 
  • Once the customer makes their first order on Provi, you will be sent a $25 visa gift card. The customer must make at least one order for you to receive this gift. 

If neither of these options is available please reach out to by submitting a support ticket here and a member of our team will assist you.

Please note that when a retailer creates an account and adds your contact information to the Distributor Account, this retailer will then appear within your account.