How do I add and manage employees?

Add employees to your account and easily update their information at any time

Whether you have 4 employees or four-hundred, you can easily add or update their information to your account at any time. Adding them to your account takes only minutes, and you can update their permissions at any time. 

Adding Employees to your Account

  • Click on Menu from the top navigation bar and choose Manage Employees 
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click Add Account
  • Fill out their information in the fields provided—all fields must be filled out in order to continue
  • Choose their desired permission level: Employee, Manager, or Admin

    Permissions Role Needed
    Add to cart Any role
    Manage lists or inventory Any role
    Submit orders Manager or Admin
    Add, remove, and manage employees Admin
    View invoices* Any role
    Pay invoices* Manager or Admin
    Add or remove payment methods* Admin
    * ProviPay features are only available in select markets.


Most of your employees will only need the "employee" permission. Only give employees the "manager" or "admin" if you are comfortable with those employees submitting orders to your distributors. An employee with the "employee" permission will only be able to submit orders to managers/approvers for final approval and submission to the distributor. 

  • When you are finished, click Create
  • Review the information and click Save


Once you've added an employee, they will be notified via email with next steps.


Adding your employees is also one of our recommended first-time account set-up tasks. Tune into this quick video to learn more:

Updating Employee information

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Employees in the top navigation bar
  • Select the employee you are updating
  • Change their name, email, phone number, and/or permissions and click Save