How do I make sure my prices are accurate in Provi?

Add your custom pricing for more accurate estimated order totals

The pricing you see on Provi is an estimate and may not be the pricing you have set with your distributor sales rep. Your final invoice from your sales rep will reflect your accurate pricing.

If you receive special discounts from your rep, you can easily adjust your pricing in Provi. If you are an administrator for your location, you can add custom pricing to products to give you a more accurate estimate of your order total. Once you add custom pricing, Provi will remember it for you and show that pricing on all of your future orders. 

Add Custom Pricing

  • Click into the product you're adding pricing to, select Edit Custom Pricing. If you don't see this option, you may be missing administrator access. Connect with our customer success team for help. 

  • Enter the price per bottle or per case and click Save once you're done