How do I add a product to a list?

Use the blue "Add product to List" button on your list page, or add any product to your List from its product page.

In addition to your automated recently ordered list, you can create your own custom lists to make ordering even faster based on your current inventory process. You can change up those lists at any time by adding or removing items - let's talk about how: 

Adding a Product to a List from the List

  • Open your desired List from the Lists menu
  • Click the Add  Product to List button located next to the List name
  • Search for your desired product
  • Choose the size you want to be able to add to your cart from your List
  • Click Add to List

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 3.39.07 PM

Adding a Product to a List from the Product Page

  • Find the product you wish to add and click on it to view the product details page
  • Click the Add to List link located above List Price
  • Select the name of the list you wish to add it to
  • A checkmark indicates which list the product is on
  • Click Done

Add products to a list