FAQ: How does Provi's Fintech Partnership work?

Learn how to view your distributor invoices in Provi. (Georgia Only)

Looking for instructions for Colorado? Refer to our Terms instructions.

ProviPay's Fintech partnership is only available in select markets. If you do not have a "Payments" tab in your upper navigation bar on Provi, you are not yet eligible for ProviPay. Please contact success@provi.com if you have questions, or sign up for our waitlist to be notified when you are eligible.


Connect your Fintech account to Provi and review distributor invoices in the same place you make your beverage orders. This new feature is currently available in select markets and works like this: 

  1. You order your beverage restock, on or off Provi. 
  2. Your distributor delivers your order. 
  3. Your distributor finalizes your invoice to reflect any additional deals, custom pricing, or stock changes.
  4. Your invoice is autopaid through your Fintech account.
  5. Your invoice is documented in your Provi account.

It's that easy! Invoices are then available to reference at any later date. 

Questions? We can help.


Q: How do I connect my Fintech account?

A: If you are located in a participating market, your navigation bar in Provi will show a tab titled Payments. Open this tab and then choose "Link Fintech Account" in the upper right. Provi will then connect your account details to Fintech. 

Q: What information will show in Provi, and when?

A: Once you finish connecting your accounts, it may take up to ten minutes for your Fintech data to appear in Provi.

After your account is set up, you'll be able to see which distributors you pay on Fintech directly from Provi's Payments page.

You'll also now be able to access your distributor invoice history from this page as well. 

Only invoices posted after you link your Fintech account will be documented in Provi. Depending on your Fintech account tier, you may be able to access past invoices directly in Fintech.

Q: What if I am not currently a Fintech user?

You can create a Fintech account for free. After you click "Link Fintech Account" on the payments page, you'll be routed to create a Fintech account if you don't already have one. 

Q: When do my invoices appear?

A: The invoice will appear in your account after your order is delivered and your invoice is finalized. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about invoices. Only invoices posted after you link your Fintech account to Provi will appear in Provi. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Connecting your Fintech account is completely free!

Q: Do I need a premium Fintech account to use this integration?

A: No, you can use any tier of Fintech account, including the free version, and still benefit from the integration. Upgrading to a premium Fintech account will give you access to additional invoice details and features within Fintech. Those features will not be available in Provi. 

Q: Why is the total price on my finalized invoice less than the estimated order total on my Provi order?

A: Provi calculates an estimated price for your order with the best information available, but sometimes your rep may add additional discounts or custom pricing. The finalized invoice reflects all adjustments made by your rep, including any swaps for out-of-stock items. 

Q: Can I opt out of this later?

A: If you change your mind after linking your Provi and Fintech account, you can disable the integration by contacting Provi's customer success team at success@provi.com. If you would like to disable your Fintech account entirely, you will need to log into your Fintech account or contact Fintech support.