FAQs: ProviPay Payments

Learn how to add payment methods, make payments, enroll in automatic payments, and more

Adding a Payment Method

General Payment FAQs

Making a Payment

Automatic Payments (autopay)

Scheduled Payments


Adding a Payment Method


Q: How do I add or update a payment method?

A: You can update a payment method in the Payment Settings section of your Provi account.

  1. From the Invoices page, select Payment Settings on the left-side navigation.
  2. To add a payment method, click Add Payment Method.
  3. Search for your banking institution on Plaid and enter your bank account’s credentials to instantly link your account.
  4. If you cannot find your banking institution, you may link your bank account with your routing and account numbers by clicking Link with account numbers at the bottom of the Plaid pop-up.

Note: If you link your bank account with account numbers, Plaid will make two deposits under $1.00 each into your account within 1 business day. You will need to return to Provi to verify. Deposits will be from Provi ACCTVERIFY


Q: It says I entered the wrong amount for my manual deposits, what can I do?

A:  Deposits are sent to your bank account within 1-2 business days. There will be two deposits, each under $1.00. You can enter those into the payment settings at any time. If you do not complete the deposits within 7 days or you enter the wrong amount 3 times you will need to go through the bank linking process again.


Q: Can I link multiple bank accounts to Provi?

A: Yes! You can have up to ten linked bank accounts (including pending accounts). 


Q: I received an error that my bank account wasn’t successfully linked. What can I do?

A:  You can try to relink your bank account via the manual deposit process with your routing and account numbers by clicking Link with account numbers at the bottom of the Plaid pop-up. This will take an additional one to two business days to complete. 



General Payment FAQs


Q: How do I delete a payment method?

A: You can delete a payment method in the Payment Settings section of your Provi account.

  1. From the Invoices page, select Payment Settings on the left-side navigation.
  2. To remove a payment method, click the three dots next to a payment method and select delete.


Q: What happens if I delete my bank account?

A:  Autopay: All future invoices will not be paid via autopay until another payment method is linked, and the payment is assigned in the autopay settings for your distributors

Scheduled Payments: All upcoming scheduled payments will no longer be processed with that bank account. You will need to re-schedule with a new payment method by going to the invoices page and re-selecting the same invoices with a new or different payment method.


Q: How will I be charged when I pay multiple invoices at once?

A: Every invoice you pay will show as an individual transaction on your bank statement.


Q: What is a Known Payee?

A: Some business bank accounts have debit blocks, preventing your account from being debited by unknown entities. If your bank account has debit blocks and you would like to pay by bank transfer, you must first list ensure your bank recognizes Provi as a Known Payee.

When updating your account's Known Payees, enter the originator or ACH ID as 45440567 . There is an intentional space at the end of the ID. This will ensure that Provi can successfully debit your account to pay for your order.


Q: How will I know if my ACH payment failed?

A:  You will receive an email alerting you that your payment has failed at the time of failure. In addition, your invoice status will show “Failed” for that invoice number on the invoices page of ProviPay. Failures can happen for different reasons (e.g., ACH failure, incorrect credentials, network issues, NSF).


Q: How will ProviPay payments appear on my bank statement?

A:  ProviPay transactions will have “Tiz, Inc. dba Provi” in the description of the transaction on your bank statement.


Q: Can my payment be canceled? 

A: Contact support to see if your payment can be canceled.


Making a Payment


Q: How do I make a one time payment? 

A: You can make a payment in the Invoices section of your Provi account.

  1. From any page on Provi, click the top-left menu and select Payments.
  2. Select the unpaid invoice(s) you want to pay and click Pay Selected.
  3.    Review the summary in the pop-up screen, select the date you want the payment to be processed, and click Schedule Payment.

Note: if you have available credits with the invoice's distributor, the payment will default to paying the selected invoice with available credits. Please select the down arrow next to the credits applied and then the "X" next to the credits applied amount if you prefer to not use any.

* Only managers and admins can submit payment. If you do not see the Submit Payment or Pay Selected options, ensure you have the correct employee permissions.





Automatic Payments (autopay)



Q: Can I enroll in automatic (auto) payments via ProviPay? 

A:  Yes! Once you have successfully linked a bank account, you will have access to auto payments. You can enroll in autopay for a distributor at any time via the payment settings page. 



Q: When do my auto payments get processed?

A: Payment will be made on the invoice due date before the delivery window begins. 



Q: Can I change the payment account for my automatic payments?

A: Yes, you can update your autopay payment method at any time. Just note that any changes to your payment method will apply to all distributors that you are signed up to automatically pay.



Q: Can I cancel an automatic payment?

A: Yes, you can unenroll in autopay, which will impact all invoices that have a due date after the date on which you unenrolled. You will have to select those invoices and make a one-time payment by the due date. 



Scheduled Payments



Q: Can I schedule a payment for a future date via ProviPay?

A: Yes! You can schedule a payment via the Invoices page by selecting the invoices you’d like to pay, clicking Pay Selected, and selecting a date under the Pay On option.

Note: ProviPay will let you schedule a payment past your due date. Please ensure the date is correct before you schedule the payment.



Q: Can I schedule more than one invoice at the same time?

A: Yes, You can schedule multiple invoices from the same distributor or multiple invoices across multiple distributors for the same date.

Q: Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

A: Yes, until 11:59 pm Central Time the day before the scheduled payment date