FAQs: ProviPay Invoices

Learn everything you need to know about your invoices on ProviPay

Understanding Your Invoices



Understanding Your Invoices

Q: When do my invoices appear?

A: Your invoice will appear in your account after your order is delivered and your invoice is finalized. This is typically one business day after your delivery date but could be sooner. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about invoices.

Note:  In Texas, you can see all invoices years before the current date. Be sure to select the invoice relevant for Cash-on-Delivery and have that payment be "pending" or "paid" by the time the delivery truck driver arrives to your establishment.


Q: What do the different invoice statuses mean? 

A: There are five invoice statuses: 

  1. Unpaid: You have not yet paid for this order. 
  2. Overdue: Your payment is past-due for this order. 
  3. Pending: The payment was made in ProviPay and is processing. 
  4. Paid: The payment was submitted and processed, or the payment was made directly with the distributor.
  5. Failed: The payment was not processed. This could be because of an issue with your bank account. Update your payment method or verify you have sufficient funds and try again.  

Note: Invoices with upcoming scheduled or automatic payments will show as “Unpaid”, with a clock icon next to that status.

*Please see here for Cash on Delivery FAQs


Q: What should I do if I have a question on my invoice? 

A: Please contact our support team if you’d like to discuss anything related to your invoice(s).


Q: Which distributors and invoices can I pay on ProviPay?

A: You can view invoices and make payments to distributors who have partnered with Provi, regardless of how or where the order was placed. You can find a full list of supported distributors in the Autopay section of your Payment Settings.


Q: Why is the total price on my finalized invoice less than the estimated order total on my Provi order?

A: Provi calculates an estimated price for your order with the best information available, but sometimes your rep may add additional discounts or custom pricing. The finalized invoice reflects all adjustments made by your rep, including any swaps for out-of-stock items. 


Q: How do I know who made a payment? 

A: In the invoice details, you will see “Paid by” with the email of the user that made the payment.