How to sort and browse through products by using filters

Get granular by using filters to discover specific products or find new ones

In addition to search, filters can be a great way to find new products you're looking for. Filters are located under the main product search bar.

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Simply hover over the filter title to see available options. For example, you can click on "Wine" to browse all wine, or roll over Wine and click "Red Wine" for all reds, or roll over Wine and choose "Merlot" under the Red Wine header to look at just Merlot. Note that each beverage section also includes a column to the right offering filters based on currently trending beverages.

In addition to filtering by beverage type, you can also filter by distributor: this is a great option when you are looking for products to add to your cart to meet an order minimum. 

Layering Filters

Once you choose a filter or search for a product, you'll see the ability to further narrow down your search in the left hand pane.

You can filter to as specific as you'd like from here, and if you ever find yourself needing to open your search back up again, you can always uncheck one or more of your selected filters.