A list is a searchable collection of products designed to quickly reference items that you frequently order. Rather than searching for individual products and selecting the applicable package type and/or size, lists save time by adding multiple items to cart from a single page. There are three different types of list on Provi:

Recently Ordered Items
After your first order, Provi automatically generates a list containing all items that have been ordered. This list automatically updates with every subsequent order and will contain all items that have been placed in your previous four orders.

Custom Lists
Most users choose to create custom lists by product type (ex: Vodka, Cordials, Beer) or distributor so as to group items in the same format of their PAR, inventory sheet, or order guide.

Combined Lists
Multiple lists can also be grouped together by creating a combined list. The most common use of combined lists is to combine all of your list into one searchable master list with collapsible headers.

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