How can I keep my account secure?

Follow these tips to ensure your Provi account's safety.

Your account security is important. Keep tabs on who has access to order on behalf of your business by updating your password and managing your employees.

Update your password

It's important to choose a password that is personal and memorable while meeting basic security standards. We recommend choosing a password with at least one number (123), one special character (!@#), and a mix of capital and lowercase letters (ExaMPle). Changing your password is easy:

  • Log into Provi
  • Click on the Hamburger Menu Icon menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen
  • In the sidebar menu select Account Settings
  • Create a new password by completing the Change Password fields

Manage your employees

We do not recommend sharing one Provi account among multiple employees. It's free and easy to add employees to Provi: just be mindful of their permissions and only provide them with the access they need to complete the tasks you have assigned.

    Permissions Role Needed
    Add to cart Any role
    Manage lists or inventory Any role
    Submit orders Manager or Admin
    Add, remove, and manage employees Admin
    View invoices* Any role
    Pay invoices* Manager or Admin
    Add or remove payment methods* Admin
    * ProviPay features are only available in select markets.

    You might also find it helpful to schedule a regular security check-in for yourself as a reminder to remove any users no longer employed at your business.